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Cheap, no-nonsense email

Let's get straight to the point:

How cheap?

Let's say you only need one email address, and have 3 GB of data to store. For one year of use, this will cost:

Protonmail $48.00
Fastmail $50.00
Google Suite $72.00
Zoho $36.00
Hushmail $49.98
Purelymail $10.00

For almost any use case, Purelymail is the best option available. Check out our pricing page for more information. (For an in-depth explanation of this particular comparison, see here.)

What's the catch?

What you get here is purely mail.

Is this for me?

Do you want email?

Then yes, probably.

What about security and reliability?

We're in beta, so it's possible there might be a few hiccups. But it's extremely unlikely you'll permanently lose any messages with us! Our modern tech stack stores your data encrypted on the highly reliable AWS cloud, and email protocols have built-in measures to protect against temporary outages.

If you're interested in Purelymail but want to wait until we're out of beta, check out our mailing list.

Do you sell user data or ads?

Absolutely not. Check out our privacy policy.

What features do you support?

Check out our full features list.

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