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Phone Setup

Through a web browser #

You can use webmail to check mail from your phone.

Through an app #

You should be able to access your mail on any app that supports IMAP.

See technical setup for the port numbers and addresses to use when adding a Purelymail account.

Android #

K-9 Mail #

K-9 Mail is an excellent open-source app for reading email.

FairEmail #

FairEmail is also a good option.

Gmail App #

The gmail app is okay. It comes preinstalled on most android phones, and can be used to add a Purelymail account. Look under "Other", use a "Personal (IMAP)" account, and enter the incoming (IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) server names from our technical setup page.

iOS #

The default iOS mail app for iPhones should work. See here, and select "Other" for email provider.

Note that username and password for the outgoing mail server are NOT optional.